Products & Services

CCTV Surveillance Systems

We install CCTV Cameras, video backups and provide Video Analytics solutions

  • People counting, Vehicle Monitoring
  • Face Recognition
  • Object Classification and Intrusion Detection
  • Left/Removed Object detection
  • Tamper Detection

Mans entries and exits with license plate
recognition system that will offer the following

  • Multi-language Support
  • Multi-lane Support
  • Past Event Search
  • Recognition up to 150 mph (240kph)
  • 99% Accuracy Rate
  • 0.2 second Recognition Speed
  • Plugin for vantage VMS
  • IP and Analog Support

License Plate Recognition can be used to open barriers
and gates for registered vehicles; it becomes easy to
maintain records of vehicles entering the premises.

Home and Office Automation

Our Home Automation Solution offer both comfort class and energy efficiency solutions and it is based on secure zig-bee protocol and internet of things 

Open curtain by mobile phone
Smart switch
Smart light bulbs
Intelligent locks

Selected Automation Details

  • Automatically switch On/Off lights
  • Monitor and switch off sockets 
  • Dim lights to watch a movie
  • Check status of lighting at home, switch unnecessary light from your mobile device
  • Automatically switch on/off  lights in specific areas at a given time
  • Switch on/off  all Lights with one click
  • Link lighting with other IOT sensors to create scenes.

Schedule curtain to open & close in the morning and evening. Links curtains to other Internet of Things – IOT scenes like Lighting, Motion Sensors, Light Sensors and create Ambience and live a smarter life.

  • Use gesture control-Shake feature on your cell phone to open & close curtains
  • Use wall push buttons, mobile device or scene switch to automatically open & close curtains.
  • Smart surveillance/camera
  • Smart lock/finger print
  • Motion sensors
  • Door/ Window contacts
  • Temperature sensors can be used to automatically set Air conditioners.
  • Smart Water leakage Sensors
  • Co2 Sensors
  • Dust Sensors
  • Light Sensor
  • Valve Control
  • Humidity Sensors

Control home appliances like Hi-fi, Radios, Televisions, Air Conditioners, Microwaves, Dish washing machines, Bread Maker.

Access Control

We offer different types of Access control including:

  • Time & Attendance System
    Barrier Gates
  • Automatic Gates
  • Smart ID Cards
  • Finger Print Readers
  • Iris based Attendance

The Attendance Register and Door Access Control can be Integrated and linked to Payroll or existing ERP Platforms.

  • Centrally controlled Security – All Staff / Users take specific responsibility for their own actions
  • Helps manage site security with staff who leave.
  • Increased security – Iris / Finger print provides true Access Control of who enters facility.
  • Improves staff management with reports showing staff movement and time keeping
  • Instant Lockout – Access Denial to a specific person simply by changing their access level in the database.
  •  Pre-set Schedules – Flexibility to pre-program lock and un-lock times of doors/gates for community functions or Holidays.

Access controls systems requires staff to register attendance and access offices by validating their finger prints or configured access cards, increasing the risk of contracting the disease.

Our Access control Camera with facial recognition algorithms means one does not have to place their finger on the biometric device for access or use the less secure method of cards.

The camera takes the temperature of each staff, thus eliminating the need for security guards at the entrance and provides records of temperatures taken.

Pandemic Control Solutions

Our pandemic control solutions include systems and devices. We provide and integrate devices to minimize points of touch while ensuring services are not disrupted. Check and compliance of wearing a mask and eliminate human interface in the temperature checking proces

  • Face recognition with body temperature detection which can be used for contactless attendance. It has alarm if abnormal temperature is detected and the door will not open.
  • Temperature and Mask check using advanced AI Camera with facial recognition algorithms

  • Maintain and track of temperature for staff /students within 14 days of reporting back to work/school

  • Multiple person reader that can check up to 10 persons at the same time.
  • Handheld / mounted temperature readers

Parking and Entry Access

We provide car parking management solutions for public and private operators like shopping centers, hotels, hospitals. Our products are reliable and suit clients requirements. 

  • Automated Parking and Ticketing System
  • Parking lot reservations systems
  • Parking Flap Lock Unit for Outdoor Parking Lot
  • Automating Weighbridge & Vehicle Entry
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition System
  • Revenue collection systems
      • Automated payment kiosks
      • Mobile phone and Handheld POS
      • Cashier pay point

Automating Weighbridge and Vehicle Entry

Enhance Weigh Bridge systems by automating weighbridge reading and vehicle capture through Automated Number Plate Recognition System, combining with CCTV image capture. 

The weight reading taken during exit is deducted from the entry weight using the number plate. 

The CCTV camera image is used to confirm the item selected at the POS for the vehicle.