Home and Office Automation

Our Home Automation Solution offer both comfort class and energy efficiency solutions and it is based on secure zig-bee protocol and internet of things 

Open curtains from the phone
Smart switches
Smart light bulbs

Selected Automation Details

Smart Lighting

  • Automatically switch On/Off lights
  • Monitor and switch off sockets 
  • Dim lights to watch a movie
  • Check status of lighting at home, switch unnecessary light from your mobile device
  • Automatically switch on/off  lights in specific areas at a given time
  • Switch on/off  all Lights with one click
  • Link lighting with other IOT sensors to create scenes.

Curtain Control

Schedule curtain to open & close in the morning and evening. Links curtains to other Internet of Things – IOT scenes like Lighting, Motion Sensors, Light Sensors and create Ambience and live a smarter life.

  • Use gesture control-Shake feature on your cell phone to open & close curtains
  • Use wall push buttons, mobile device or scene switch to automatically open & close curtains.


  • Smart surveillance/camera
  • Smart lock/finger print
  • Motion sensors
  • Door/ Window contacts

Environmental Control

  • Temperature sensors can be used to automatically set Air conditioners.
  • Smart Water leakage Sensors
  • Co2 Sensors
  • Dust Sensors
  • Light Sensor
  • Valve Control
  • Humidity Sensors

Home Appliances

Control home appliances like Hi-fi, Radios, Televisions, Air Conditioners, Microwaves, Dish washing machines, Bread Maker.