CCTV & Video Analytics

We install CCTV Cameras, video backups and provide Video Analytics solutions

  • People counting, Vehicle Monitoring
  • Face Recognition
  • Object Classification and Intrusion Detection
  • Left/Removed Object detection
  • Tamper Detection

Mans entries and exits with license plate
recognition system that will offer the following

  • Multi-language Support
  • Multi-lane Support
  • Past Event Search
  • Recognition up to 150 mph (240kph)
  • 99% Accuracy Rate
  • 0.2 second Recognition Speed
  • Plugin for vantage VMS
  • IP and Analog Support

License Plate Recognition can be used to open barriers
and gates for registered vehicles; it becomes easy to
maintain records of vehicles entering the premises.

We offer offline video backup solutions for your CCTV system